counting down

so it has been intense 

and we are now on the edge

however the end is insight

im not saying some of it wasn’t fun

but im/we are done 

roll on the 4th sept 

when some normality returns to our life 

kids are not aware but 

they are screaming out for some routine

and so are we

before that happens 

we are off to spend 4x nights in a field 

im unsure if this is a move of pure genius 

or the most idiotic plan of the 5 weeks so far

we are on route

so far 

2x hours late leaving 

3x ‘disagreements’

1x time out 

4x emergency toilet trips 

1x mega tantrum regarding lego 

and we still have to tackle the tent 

pray for us & pass the pimms 

ki x

no more sunshine & cocktails

holiday-ing has changed 


gone are the days of lounging in the sun

sipping cocktails before midday

replaced with 

life guard duties

applying tons of sun cream 

intense nap negotiations 

acceptance is tough

but i have made peace with it 

sort of 

ki x

holiday happiness

so other than a dose of the post holiday blues 

we are back from our travels 

and all is well with the world* 

(*my bubble) 

im not gonna boast 

that i have cracked the code

or tapped in to the secret of life 

or sussed the formula to happiness


turns out this family response bloody well to 



no work

& blue skies

it wasn’t all smiles & happiness

but i will save that for another time 

ki x