education maze

throughout the last academic school year

i have been in a permanent state of anxiety

my son – who is usually a good kid

was having letters home

being kept in at break

and we have also had a call from the teacher

my first thought was

‘we must have messed up somewhere’

like we somehow broke the good boy we once had

i started to look at him for answers & explanations

however with 3 days until the end of term

the penny has dropped

turns out

his teacher was a bit sh!te

we lucked out previously with supportive and adequate teachers

however for whatever reason

this one is not able to cut it

and for those rolling their eyes

thinking i could potentially be deluded

i am one of 5 mums feeling exactly the same way

about the same teacher

so we draw a line under this on wednesday

and pray we luck out on the next one

stress on this matter is currently paused

ki x

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