part time mum?

as part of my job i have to travel a lot

i do love travelling so you could look at this as a perk of the job

however although i often enjoy the places i get to go and visit

the fam aren’t as enthusiastic

i tend to only travel for 4-5 days max now

but there were a few occasions where it was significantly longer

last year i started bribing my oldest with promised of treats from the airport

(hangs head in shame)

the novelty of that has totally worn off for him now

my husband, aka the champ

rocks the solo parenting thing for the time i’m away

doesn’t moan

(he doesn’t jump for joy either)

and manages to get through it unscathed

and with both children in tact

but oh the mummy guilt is next level

it is part of my job

and i take my job seriously

so cant be flaky and only choose some trips and not others

however it has made me feel like a bit of a part time mum

as being a mum is another job i take seriously too

tomorrow i fly out – back in 5 nights

ki x




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