pissy pants

we are about to be knee deep in pissy pants

bea has shown lots of signs she is ready to start potty training

but i’m not ready

as much as nappies are expensive

and nappy changing is often both time consuming and smelly

toilet trips and potty dashes are worse

its pretty difficult to ask a 2 year old to just hold it

you know, until we get to the next services

or until we get home

i cant actually remember many accidents when we were potty training Stan

so i did some research and as a result

today we invested in

  • 35x pairs on knickers – so we can throw the worst away!
  • 20x pairs of socks – as these will evidently get wet too!
  •  and finally 2x pairs of crocs  (apparently these are great as when they do get covered in wee you can disinfect them and wipe dry! who knew??)

so we are ready

well she is and i’m pretending i’m ready

ki x


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