lets talk about love (island)

i’m totally glued to the tv and have been for the last week

i’m watching a bunch of scantily clad twenty somethings

attempt to woo each other

i love it

i have no idea why it is such addictive viewing

maybe it is watching the mating rituals up so close

maybe it is listening in on the will they or wont they conversations

or maybe it is the entertainment that comes from

watching a romance go from 0-100 in 24 hours

obviously peaking far too soon

sorry to put a dampener on things


something doesn’t sit that well with me

it is so sexy and staged

actually it is too sexy and too staged

and the initial matching up at the start of the series is so brutal!!

can you imagine being included in that process?!?

DISCLAIMER – i have watched every series and will continue to do so

but setting up situations that encourage feelings of jealousy and highlight insecurities

cant be a positive thing right?

would it be as addictive viewing if they didn’t do that? i’m not so sure

i watch it with my husband and we giggle about their antics

but if my daughter was older im not sure i would let her watch it

also i just heard one of them say

‘i’m in to older girls, because you know, i’m 31 so them being 25-26 is good’

jeeeeez louise – i’m old

ki x




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