first world stresses

i spoke to my husband this weekend about a few worries i have

mainly about how i am coping with my dads illness

i rarely feel comfortable enough to talk about it

but he is a good listener

and has learnt to stay shtum and listen

after which

we then went on to talk about the smaller stresses in our world

a broken phone, an unfinished diy project,

a messy garden & one of the kids being beyond mischievous

he smiled

which i thought was such a strange reaction

he labelled them ‘first world stresses’

and made me feel like a complete dick for moaning

he then went on to remind me

that i have a house, i have a job,

i have my health, we arent in a war zone

and (the one that really stuck with me)

i know where my children are

not everyone in the world is as lucky

ki x



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