best of a bad bunch

so it is that time again

time to decide who is going to lead this country

and lets be honest

it is a bit of a sh!t show

none of the leading parties are anything to write home about

and how on earth are they all allowed to lie, cheat and sling mud

and get away with it

(surely this constitutes gross negligence ?)

im bored of hearing about what shoes teresa may has on

and what corbyn said or did in his hay day

the public have a better grip on this slanging match than we do their policies

so i have voted

but if truth be told this is only the 3rd time i have ever voted

i have seen lots of coverage about how you must vote

yet there will still be so many people who will decide today not to vote

and it got me thinking

should voting be compulsory?

surely that way we will force a fair result

a result that is a true reflection of society

im not holding my breath for a happy outcome

(if brexit and trump are anything to go by, anything is possible)

but i will watch the results come in tonight

and nervously wait to understand how this will effect me and my children

the nations fate in the hands of someone I don’t trust

is just another thing to stress about

so i am adding that to the list

ki x


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