the forever home


we moved in to our house 3 weeks after giving birth to bea

(can you imagine the stress levels!!!)

it was rubbish timing

but the perfect house

we have slowly started to decorate each room

but we have been at it for 2 years and the place is still so far from being finished

we agreed at the beginning of the year to focus our time and efforts on our house

but we have been lured away with more exciting things to spend our time and money on

holidays, new shoes, music festivals, new phones, weekend breaks away

the list is endless

but it does make me stress

i just want to go away on holiday and come back and its all done

typing that just made me cringe – what a dick

we will continue to live in the half finished house and enjoy our lives

travel lots, buy new shoes and moan about the fact we haven’t finished the house

i quote a friend who said recently

‘when the kids grow up they will remember the time they went on holiday and not the time you bought a new kitchen’

so true

ki x



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