(another) half term

my kids appear to be on half term again next week

i knew it was creeping up

it is on every calendar and diary that we own

i potentially have been ignoring it, as half term just triggers lots of emotions for me 

firstly crazy mum guilt

as a full time working mum it feels impossible 

secondly total panic 

what/where/how shall  i entertain the kids ? 

there are no winners in the crazy battle of half term 

so i’m opting for an eclectic approach

a few days with the kids then a mix of pulling in favours from the trusty family tribe

but if i could i would place a little bet on the following :

the kids wanting to be with me on the days they are with their grandma

me taking them to places i think they will love but they actually hate

and me distracted at work wishing i was with the kids

half term i’m ready for you & everything you can throw at us 

i’m ready to give it my all – see you on the flip side 

ki x

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